The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper Review

In homes where you do not have a lot of space, but you have a newborn, you may be tempted to co-sleep. However, pediatricians say that it is not safe to sleep with an infant. However, the secure sleeper makes it safer by giving your precious bundle a bed that fits on the bed with you. It can eliminate the need for a crib or play yard in your bedroom. To see more about how well it can work for you, take a look at our full Close and Secure Sleeper review.

The First Years Co-Sleeper

Features of the Secure Sleeper

The First Years co-sleeping bed is made of cotton and polyester. It is designed to give your new addition a secure sleeping area on an adult bed. It should be used between pillows.

There are head and foot barriers on it to reduce the risk of entrapment. The sides are filled with polyurethane foam to ensure they cannot roll out and you cannot roll too close to them. However, you do not have to worry about your infant getting too hot while they sleep.

It folds easily so that you can take it with when you travel. It is also easy to store when not in use.

You can machine wash this bed so that you do not have to worry about accidents or spit ups staining it. It is safe to use baby blankets for swaddling and as an extra cover over the bed.

It has a built-in nightlight so that you can see your little one resting beside you at any time. It does require two AA batteries.

Secure Sleeper by the First YearsIt measures 28 x 16 x 5.5 inches. This gives your little one room to grow after first coming home from the hospital so that you can move them to their own crib only when you are ready. As an added bonus, when it is time to transition them from your bed and into the crib, you can continue to use the secure sleeper in the crib. This will make it easier for your little one to adjust to the switch.

The Secure Sleeper is designed for newborns. Many little ones will outgrow it at around two months old, but it depends on how little your infant is. Some are able to use it until they are nearly 4-months.

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Pros and Cons From Reviewers

Overall, this sleeper has a 4-star rating, with most people loving the way it worked for their little bundle. There are some people who are disappointed by the difficulty of nursing their infant while they are in the sleeper and there are parents who wish that it would incline. However, both of these issues are easily solved according to most parents. To incline it, you simply need to put a folded-up towel or blanket under the sleeper and to nurse, you simply lay the sides down a little. Many parents do wish that the bottom of it was removable so that their bundle of joy could sleep in it for longer.

Most parents say that they are thankful for the peace of mind that it gave them. They felt more secure knowing that their bundle was right next to them. They like being able to simply look over the side of the sleeper during the night and they love the nightlight that is on it. Many parents have also stated that their new addition would not sleep in the crib when they first came home from the hospital and the sleeper helped them get on the right track. They would have fuller nights, sooner. This is a blessing for any new parent.

Final Thoughts on the Close and Secure by The First Years

The First Years Secure SleeperWhile co-sleeping is not recommended by the AAP for children under one, many argue that it provides even better protection for your child. This is not a debate or a lecture on if you should co-sleep on not though. That is a decision every parent makes for themselves. As for the Close and Secure, some feel it is a little small for some babies, and this can pose an issue. But for most, it will work great for a little while to get you over the hump of having a newborn in the home. We personally like the fact that if you are going to co-sleep, your little one will be very safe and you still have the ease of nursing and cuddling. For us, that covers all the important aspects of parenthood, so we feel it is something you should consider.

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