Newton Crib and Toddler Mattress Review

Most parents have a very hard time deciding on the perfect mattress for their newborn. Often, they want one that will be comfortable, but at the same time, it also has to be safe enough for their little bundle to sleep on without them having nights of worry. Newton mattresses are designed to be breathable, hypoallergenic, and perfect for both toddlers and infants. Does it meet expectations? Read our full Newton crib and toddler mattress review to find out.

Newton Crib Mattress

Features of the Newton Mattress

This Newton mattress is Better than Organic according to some. This is because it has no latex, springs, or glue. It is completely hypoallergenic and non-toxic to create a sleep surface for your infant or toddler that you can trust. In fact, it is so safe that it is approved of by many pediatricians, including Dr. Jim Sears, who has been a doctor for more than 40 years alongside his wife.

It is designed to be 100% breathable. This means that in the event that your child rolls onto their belly during the night, they can breathe through the mattress. This reduces the risk of suffocation. As a bonus, the added air circulation ensures that your child will stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.

This mattress is completely washable. The fact that it does not contain foam or other things that may become damaged when wet, ensures it is more hygienic than most all other infant mattresses available. It is also 100% recyclable to protect the environment.

With this mattress, you will never have to worry about flipping it for your toddler. Both sides are created equal and both are safe for infants and toddlers to sleep on.

The Newton crib mattress is made with 90% free air and 10% food-grade polymer. This means that it is very lightweight at only 11 pounds. It fits all standard sized cribs and measures in at 28 x 5.5 x 52 inches. There will be no gaps between the mattress and crib rails.

It comes with a mattress cover and you can purchase extras if you need to. However, since the cover can be easily removed and washed, many parents do not feel the need for extras.

Parent’s Thoughts Regarding Newton

Newton toddler mattressThis mattress holds a very impressive 4.7-star rating. Parents love it. Many parents have attempted to test it by breathing through it and say that they have not had any issues. They say that it gives them peace of mind in every way and that their infant can sleep great on it. Some parents have found their newborn lying face down and although the baby was not happy about it, they were okay. The parents attribute it to the breathability and say that it is truly a lifesaver in their opinion.

Out of the few issues that parents have had with it, one parent stated that their child had an allergy to something within the mattress. Upon contacting customer support, they were told that it could be a welt caused by the cover. This is not ideal, but should be solved with a new sheet or cover. A couple parents also mention a chemical smell, but it does not seem to be something that most parents notice.

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Our Opinion on Newton’s Mattress

This mattress is firm enough to be used with an infant and comfortable enough for toddlers. We like that it is bacteria resistant and that you can wash all parts of it. Most parents say that it is a very breathable mattress and we feel this is an important feature for any newborn. We like that it can ensure a safe sleep area for kids that is also cool during the summertime when temperatures may rise. Even the issues that some people have had can be over looked because most are not substantial issues. The larger issues that have been noted were handled by customer service, which is perfect when dealing with a crib mattress. Overall, the Newton’s mattress is definitely one that you should consider.

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