Portable Baby Bed for Travel

Traveling with a baby is never easy. Not only do you have to deal with diaper bags and toys, car seats and more, but if you are making an overnight trip to grandma’s house, you also have to consider the bed. Not every family member will have a crib set up in a nursery for your little one. Even hotels that cater to families now offer cribs, but many parents feel that they do not want their little one sleeping in a crib that others have been in. All of these little things make it necessary for some parents to purchase a portable baby bed for travel.

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What Makes a Portable Baby Bed Great?

If you look at the design, it is not hard to see the differences between a travel crib vs a standard crib. The standard crib is not easily assembled or disassembled. The mattress is 52” x 28” and most of the time they are 5-6 inches thick. The travel crib is easier to take apart and measures 24” x 38” with a mattress that is 1-4 inches thick.

The other option is a portable baby bed travel setup. These beds are similar to a playpen. They do not have areas that can hurt the baby inside, they are firm enough to sleep on, and simply fold and go when you are not using it.

Portable Baby Bed Price Range?

One thing many parents worry about is the price. Standard cribs and mattresses may easily cost you a couple hundred dollars, so they want to know if the price of a travel bed is comparable or more expensive. They are often surprised by the fact that they can find portable cribs for sale for less than $100. Perhaps this is also why many homes are choosing to let infants sleep in a portable bed rather than spend the money on a full or mini crib setup.

Baby Travel Bed Features that Matter

There are many features that matter when it comes to a portable bed for your baby. They should have a pad for your little one to sleep on, but it should be solid enough to ensure their safety. Most portable beds have mesh sides and a four point locking system to ensure durability and safety while your little one is sleeping or playing. They should be easy to fold and lightweight to carry.

What ages are appropriate for which types of travel beds?

The age of use for your travel bed will depend on the style of portable bed you purchase. If you choose the bassinet type bed, you will want to have your little one in a new bed by the time they are 15 pounds. However, if you choose the larger sized portable you can safely let your little one sleep on it from newborn to about 40 pounds.

To give you a better idea of the features, as well as recommendations for your new travel bed, take a look at the reviews below. It may be worth it if it makes travel easier on you and your infant.

BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

Portable Baby Bed BircaThis bassinet is designed with mesh panels and breathable fabric. It has a locking frame to give your newborn extra safety. The mesh ensures infant comfort. It is lightweight and when traveling, you simply fold it and go. It can safely hold a child from birth to 15 pounds, or approximately 3 months. More On BRICA⇒

Graco Pack N Play Yard with Automatic Folding Feet

Graco Pack N Play Toddled Travel BedThe Pack N Play features a bassinet for newborns who are less than 15 pounds. It is recommended that you remove this, if not by 15 pounds, then by the time they start pushing up onto their hands and knees. The playard should then be used and can be safely used by children less than 35inches tall. One of the cool features of this travel bed for a toddler is that it securely locks into place to provide total safety. There is a mobile attached to it and when it is time to travel, you simply fold it up and it is ready to go. More On Graco Pack N Play⇒

LulyBoo Baby Lounge to Go

Portable Baby BedThis portable infant bed folds easily to take the shape of a backpack. It does have an activity bar with rattle toys included. The bottom of the bed is waterproof. No locking parts or metal is used. It is just pure comfort for your baby until they are 3-4 months old. More On LulyBoo⇒

AeroBed Mattress for Kids

Inflatable Toddler BedPerhaps one of the best inflatable baby bed is the AeroBed. It measures 50” x 25” which makes it great for use as an inflatable toddler travel bed. It is made using heavy duty PVC. It is four inches high (when inflated) and has a safety cushion to help kids stay on it. It comes with everything you could need to start using it. More On AeroBed⇒