Nautical Crib Bedding Sets for Boys

Why Parents Choose the Nautical Theme

There is something very cool and relaxing about a nautical themed room. It is a style that is kind of preppy, but casually fun at the same time. It can be cute with cartoony whales and other sea creatures or it can be more grown up with anchors and boats. If you want, you can combine the two styles to create one of your own. It is very versatile and regardless of what you choose; it will be a nursery that can grow along with your little man.

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Nautical Decor Ideas for a Nursery

Geenny Sail Nautical Crib SetIf you have chosen to stick with nautical crib bedding sets, you may be curious about what decor options you have to go along with it. Some bedding sets give you quilts and valances, some are just the basics. Whichever you choose, decorating around the nautical crib bedding will be easy as long as you have a creative mind. There are toy boxes that are in the shape of a boat, a variety of wall decor that can tie in the nautical theme both in quotes and photos. You can decorate with oars that have your child’s name on it or shelves that are hung using ropes. The ideas are endless and you can look around on the internet and find ideas to make your nursery look different from all others. You can take it as far as you want to, including lights that are anchors and treasure maps on the wall. The biggest thing you must do is decide on a bedding set theme. The rest will simply fall into place.

Build Your Nursery Around Crib Sets

One of the main reasons you should choose the nautical crib bedding sets for boys before you design the nursery around it is to get an idea of what you like the most. Do you like the idea of anchors over whales? Do you want boats that look like they were drawn by a child or would you prefer to keep it more realistic looking? There are a lot of choices for you to make and if you want it all to match up right, you should choose the bedding set first, since, the crib is the focal point of any nursery. To give you a head start and a few ideas to consider, you should take a look at what other parents have decided is the best nautical baby crib bedding. This will show you what is available and perhaps spark a little creativity within you.

Which One Will You Choose?

There are a lot of choices when it comes to nautical themed bedding sets. Which will become the one you choose? To help you in your decision making, we have put together a few of the most popular sets. They are made of quality material and parents love seeing them in their infant’s nursery.

Just Born High Seas Crib Bedding Set

Just Born Nautical Crib SetThis three-piece crib bedding set includes a comforter, a fitted sheet, and a crib skirt. It is blue stripes, tiny whales, and anchors mixed together to create a very cute crib set. Because it is such a basic set, it gives you the option to decorate a room around it that is very versatile and virtually anything will go with the crib bedding. It is all made of 100% cotton to ensure it is easy to clean and will always look great. More On High Seas Crib Set⇒

Bedtime Originals Sail Away Set

Sails Away Nautical Set For CribIf you like cute nautical bedding sets, this could be the ideal 3-piece set for you. The set includes a dust ruffle, a quilt and a fitted sheet. It is made of 40% polyester and 60% cotton. More On Bedtime Originals⇒

Boutique Geenny Boy Sailor Bedding Set

Geenny Nautical Crib SetThis set will give you a head start on creating the perfect little boy’s nursery with its 13 pieces. It includes a comforter, a bumper, a fitting sheet, the crib skirt, two window valances, a diaper stacker, a toy bag, two pillows, and three wall art decor hangings. The prints are all sewn on instead of printed. You can accessorize it with other products that tie into this set or you can strike out on your own and choose anything nautical. It will all fit in perfectly. More On Boy Sailor Set⇒

Nautica Kids William

Nautica Kids Nautical SetThis six-piece bedding set is built around sailboats and includes a comforter, two sheets, a dust ruffle, security blanket and a sheet saver. It is all made of 100% cotton and it is blue and white in color. Decorating around this set will be easy because both the colors and the simple sailboat pattern will go with anything. More On Nautica⇒

Nautica Zachary

Nautica ZacharyIf you prefer to add a little more color to the room than blue, you may choose this six-piece set that adds a little green to your nautical theme. You will get two sheets, a comforter, a sheet saver, and a security blanket. It does still have the sailboat pattern that some parents prefer because it is easy to decorate around. More On Nautica Zachary⇒