Breathable Mesh Crib Bumper

Crib safety is something that concerns every parent of a newborn baby and it does not stop until the child is able to get out of the crib and into a real bed. Parents do not want children to sleep on a crib mattress that is too soft or have their little one get stuck in the railing of the crib. That is why people often choose to put a crib bumper around the crib. The thing is, many people prefer to go with a breathable mesh crib bumper instead of the traditional padded bumper. Which will you choose? Read everything there is to know about crib bumpers to find the best match for your little one.

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What is a Crib Bumper?

Mesh Crib Liner & BumberA crib bumper is traditionally a padded material that wraps around the crib. It is not considered safe because many children have become entangled in them. The new bumpers can be secured by wrapping it through the slats in the crib or tying it off to the crib rails. Its purpose is to protect little ones from getting arms or legs from getting stuck in the crib rails and eliminates the possibility of your little one bumping their head while they sleep. Often a crib bumper is padded and many people feel that it is not safe because a baby can put their face too close to it during the night and not be able to breathe, especially if it is a loose-fitting pad. That is why many people choose a crib liner, which is a cloth that wraps around the crib. The new crib bumpers and liners are basically the same thing. It has no padding to really protect them from bumps, but it ensures that their arms and legs cannot get through the crib rails.

Why Do Some Parents Want Crib Bumpers?

Parents do not want to take a chance on their little one getting hurt. If you choose to go with a breathable mesh crib bumper, you will get a crib bumper that is safe. It is the best of both worlds between safety and comfort. They are safe to use, look great, and keep legs inside of the crib where they belong. If you are interested in the benefits of a bumper pad, but are still concerned about baby bumper safety, check out the breathable, mesh crib bumpers below. They will give you peace of mind as well as prove that there are advantages with covering the slats of a crib.

The Best Mesh Liners

If you do decide that you want a bumper on the crib, we suggest you consider one of the ones below. They are all popular choices among parents who trust them to be near their little one. For that reason, we feel that you can trust in them as well.

BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Crib Liner

Breathable Mesh Crib LinerThis bumper crib liner is designed to fit tightly against the crib sides to reduce the risk of possible entanglement, climbing, or suffocation. It is softly padded and attaches to the crib easily using hook and loop fasteners. If a child tries to climb up onto it, it will collapse under them to keep them in the crib and safe. More On BreathableBaby⇒

AirFlowBaby 14” Crib Liner

Airflow Crib BumberIf you are looking for cheap crib bumpers, this could be ideal. It is an older style bumper that uses a single layer of mesh. It uses adjustable fasteners that will work on most crib styles. There are also ties to further ensure that it stays where you want it. It is available in blue, pink, and white so that it will match all of your nursery decor. More On AirFlowBaby⇒

BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Printed Liner

Mesh Crib Liner & BumberFor some parents, they want the nursery to be filled with cute animals and fun patterns. If you are one of them, you will love this 2 by 2 Safari crib liner that features smiling animals. It will give your newborn faces to see and it will provide them with a very safe sleeping area. More On Printed Liner⇒

Colorful Mesh Crib Liner

Pink Crib LinerThis crib liner is available in white, pink, blue, and ecru. It is pediatrician recommended and made using Air Channel Technology fabric to give the crib the maximum amount of airflow while protecting your baby from the crib rails. In the package, you will receive a long and short panel to ensure that the entire crib interior is lined properly and it ties securely so that everything will stay in place. See Color Options Here⇒


Bumper for Portable and Cradle Cribs

Portable Crib LinerThere are a lot of crib styles available. If you have anything other than a traditional crib, you may still want baby bed bumper pads for the crib you have. That is where this liner comes in. It is designed to fit both portable and cradle style cribs. It has a satin trim finish, but still, ensures that there is no risk of suffocation or your little one re-breathing carbon dioxide. It is slightly padded to keep legs inside. More On Portable Crib Bumper⇒