Secure Beginnings Safesleep Review

Having a safe sleep surface is one of the most important things that you can provide for a newborn. The sleeping area should be comfortable for them, but firm enough to ensure breathing is easy. That is the reason for the newest Secure Beginnings mattress being invented. The question is; will your child sleep safely on it? Take a look at the full Secure Beginnings Safesleep review for more info..


Features of the Safesleep Mattress

At first glance, this mattress looks like a bed within itself. It has a platform and a mattress pad. The pad has a bumper all the way around it. It looks different than all other crib mattresses available. However, it is designed to fit inside the crib to provide extra safety.

It is available in a variety of colors. There are eight colors that range from the basic pink, blue, and white to the bolder orange and light green. All of the covers can be removed to make it easy to wash. The sleep surface pad is made of 3D medical grade spacer fabric so that it dries quickly.

safe sleep mattress

One of the nice things about this mattress is the fact that you do not need to use sheets, bumper pads, or anything else inside of the crib. This ensures that infants who prefer to sleep on their tummy can breathe normally because the is breathable. It is thin and even if your infant turns in this sleep and puts his face too close to the pad, he will still be able to breathe. It is scientifically proven to be safer than other, thicker mattresses. This is because of the wooden base with cutouts in the side to ensure that fresh air is constantly flowing in and around under the mattress pad.

The Secure Beginnings mattress also does not contain any chemicals so that you do not have to worry about what you may be putting your baby on. This makes parents feel great about putting their infant to bed.

It measures in at 50.8 x 27.2 x 5.5 inches and weighs in at 27 pounds. This makes it easy for you to move around and ensures a secure fit inside the crib that you choose.

What Owners Say about the Safesleep

This crib mattress does not hold a very high rating. However, as you read through the reviews, you will discover that most of the negative reviews for it are from people who have never attempted to use it. They say that it is overpriced and not safe, but admit to not purchasing it to try it out. This means that the low star rating is not a very reliable source on Amazon. On other websites, you can find that it has higher ratings, and there are many people who have given it a 5-star rating. Most parents say that it is the best product that they have ever purchased. They feel that their little one is comfortable and safer sleeping on it. There are parents who say that before they put their child on it, they put their face on the mattress and were able to breathe easily. The biggest legitimate complaint about this mattress is the fact that some people do have issues putting it into the crib.

Our Opinion of Secure Beginnings’ Safesleep

We love the concept of the Safesleep mattress. We like that you can breathe through the mattress and understand why other parents feel that it is a great way to keep little ones safe, especially those who are not comfortable sleeping on their back. As a mom, I’ve seen crib sheets bunch up around an infant’s face and it always poses a great concern. This mattress is a little pricey for some families, but as one other parent said, it is well worth the price if it can bring you a worry-free night of sleep.