Lotus Bassinet & Travel Crib Review

If you have been searching the web for baby products that you can fall in love with, chances are good you have seen the Lotus Travel Crib. The reason for this is simple; Lotus designs items that make it easy to travel with a little one. It does not matter whether you are traveling to Grandma’s house or across the country to stay in a motel on vacation. Unsure if you should consider it? Check out our Lotus Bassinet review to find out more about this extremely versatile brand of bassinets, play yards, and travel cribs.

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Difference Between Lotus and Other Cribs/Bassinets/Playards

Lotus Baby Travel CribMost bassinets are too bulky to be easy to carry along on adventures outside of the home. Most of them do not fold up or fit inside of a storage container the way that the Lotus does. Travel cribs are still rather large cribs that are difficult to carry if you must travel via a plane. Playards are the same way. Many of them are playpens that are designed in a way that allows them to fold up flat, but not fold up small. Lotus products fold up small. They are designed for traveling, but they are comfortable enough to allow you to use them without worry when at home.

The Guava family Lotus crib folds up small enough to be carried in a large shoebox if you are going to choose the bassinet style crib. The playard can be worn on vacation as a backpack and parents love it.

Why Parents Choose Lotus Baby Accessories

In the past, having a baby meant you had to practically move from one house to another to ensure your baby had a comfortable and safe place when on vacation. The Lotus travel crib and portable baby playard changed everything. Parents love how safe their child is while they are playing in the crib or sleeping. They love how easy it is to carry with them on their travels and some state that it does work as a carry on when they are traveling on a plane. They enjoy how easy it is to set up the Lotus travel crib and take down.

Our Top 3 Choices

In an effort to help you choose the best one available, we are going to tell you about our most favorite options. These are all highly rated and loved by the parents who use them. What more could you hope to find?

Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Playard

Lotus Baby Playard Travel CribThis is a double-duty travel crib that sets up in about 15 seconds. It has breathable, clearview mesh sides so that your little one is never hidden away. The side of it features a zipper to allow your curious toddler the option to play in the playard or venture (if allowed to). There is a mattress in the bottom for comfort and it measures 42” x 24”. All total, when folded up in a backpack, it weighs 13 pounds. This Lotus crib review has a 4.7-star rating out of more than 400 parents, which is quite outstanding for anything baby related. More On Lotus Travel Crib⇒

Lotus Bassinet Conversion Kit

Lotus Bassinet Conversion KitTo use this kit, you must already have the Lotus Everywhere crib, but this Lotus bassinet review shows that it is worth it. You can have the bassinet set to a stationary position or you can have it rock your infant to sleep. It features mesh sides to ensure your little one has a safe sleeping area. It does not contain PVC, Lead, or anything else that may harm a newborn and most parents agree that it is a great bassinet to use when traveling with a small baby. More On Conversion Kit⇒

Guava Family Lotus Plush Quilted Sheet

Lotus Quilted Sheet For Travel CribDue to the fact that many portable travel cribs have a vinyl mattress, many parents choose to put a quilted sheet over it. This quilt is made with soft, padded, velour on the surface. It is machine washable and guaranteed to stay in place thanks to the flat pocket design and Velcro tab slots to ensure a good fit on the Lotus mattress. More On Plush Quilted Sheet⇒