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Baby Girl Nursery Decor & Bedding

When expecting a baby girl almost all parents are happy that they will soon have a little princess to spoil. That idea alone makes baby girl nursery decor a hot selling item because everyone wants their little girl to have a bedroom that is befitting of her cuteness. However, even though there are many unique baby girl bedding options available, it is important that safety also be considered. That is why you should check out the following baby girl nursery decor and bedding items. All of these products have been picked by parents enough that they are some of the best-selling products available.

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Importance of Nursery Bedding & Decor

Choosing a crib that you feel your child is going to be safe in is only half the battle. The rest comes in when you try to decide on the way you want for your little girl’s nursery to look. Do you want a cheap baby girl crib bedding set or do you prefer to go all out and create a nursery that is as perfect as she is? There are some bedding sets that may cost less than $50, but others may cost you well over $100. There are bedding sets which have pillows and blankets for little ones, but a lot of parents are uncomfortable with the idea of having these in the crib. The more creative parents use pillows and comforters as decor for other areas within the room. There are parents who worry about what the bedding is made of. Some prefer cotton while others are less picky about the material and think only of how well it may fit onto the crib mattress.

Why Parents Love Beautiful Decor

Parents who have a home large enough to have a nursery, often want to create one that is fitting for their princess. This may mean having the right color and pink frills everywhere. It could mean butterflies, flowers, and other feminine items scattered around. it will be a room that is ideal for their little girl and one that their little girl will be proud to play in as they grow.

Which is Best?

There is no right or easy choice. If there was, there would be no need for choices. Before you decide on a bedding set for your little princess’s room, perhaps you should consider one of these sets.

Disney Princess 3 Piece Comforter Set

Cute Baby Girl Crib SetThis nursery set features the theme of, “Happily Ever After”. It is perfect for any little princess. It has a dust ruffle, fitted sheet, and a comforter that features a large castle. The comforter is made with 100% polyester satin. It is filled with polyester fiber. The sheet is a mix of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. According to all reviews, parents love it, even if the comforter is a little shorter than most were expecting it to be. It is also one of the cheapest bedding sets available, even if you do not purchase it using a baby girl crib bedding clearance sale. Read More Here⇒

Bedtime Originals Lavender Woods

Lavender Woods Baby Girl Crib SetSome parents and little girls prefer seeing animals instead of castles. For those parents, you have this very cute baby girl owl bedding set. It has three pieces, including a quilt, a fitted sheet, and a dust ruffle. It is made using polyester and cotton blended fabric. The dust ruffle hangs down 10 inches and it does have a 100% olefin platform. It has the pinks and other pastel colors that people prefer in their little girl’s bedroom and along with the owl, there are other animals which all seem to be in a fairy tale story. Read More Here⇒

Lambs & Ivy Bedding Sheet Set

Butterfly Girl Crib Set & DecorThis is a bedding set that is a little pricier than others, but it is designed for the parents who want their little princess to love her bedding through her toddler years. It comes with five pieces, including a quilt, a sheet, a diaper stacker, the dust ruffle, and a window valance. If you choose to use a bumper pad, it is sold separately. The design is made up of a variety of colors that little girls love including pinks and purples. It also has a very beautiful butterfly and flowers. All parents who have spent the extra money on it are pleased with the colors and the quality of the entire set. More Parent Reviews⇒

Breathable Baby Safety Crib Bedding Set

Pink Mist Baby Girl Crib SetThis is a very basic nursery set for girls. It is proof that you can buy baby girl crib bedding sets cheap, while not sacrificing quality. The whole set is designed to be breathable. The set includes a mesh crib liner, a breathable nursery blanket and a crib skirt. The mesh crib liner works as a bumper, but it does not have any padding on it. This can reduce the risk of your little girl breathing in harmful toxins and prevent them from getting their arms and legs caught between the slats of the crib. Parents feel safer knowing that their child is going to sleep in a cool and comfortable crib. Read More Here⇒


Crib Bedding For Baby Boys

Having a baby boy in your life means rough and tumble fun for the next 18 years. Little boys get into all kinds of trouble when they explore the world around them. As their parent, you may not be able to keep them away from all of the tumbles, but you can make sure that their crib bedding is safe, comfortable, and right for them.

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What Makes Some Crib Bedding Better?

There are a lot of different types of crib bedding for boys. There are different materials, different styles, and more. All of them are designed to help you make sure your little boy sleeps safe and sound throughout the night. Most bedding is made of cotton, but not all of it is organic which people do often prefer because it is cleaner. Especially when it comes to crib mattresses and mattress covers.

Beautiful Boy Room Decor

Often, the most popular type of baby boy crib sets are the ones that are economical to purchase. However, often cheap means that they are plain in color and style. If you want cute baby boy crib bedding, like the type that has a bumper pad covered in animal prints or vehicles, you may have to pay a little more. Regardless of what you pay and what style you want though, you need to make sure that your primary concern is that your little boy is safe, which means bumper pads attach securely to the crib rails and that your crib sets for boys are going to fit tightly onto the crib mattress.

Our Most Favorite Boy Nursery Decor

To help you choose what is safe, see what is available, and what is affordable, here are a few of the most popular bedding sets available. These modern boy crib bedding options are made of a material that is easy to care for and perfect for any little boy’s nursery according to the parents who have already tried them out with their little man.

DK Leigh Nursery Crib Bedding Set

DK Leigh Baby Boy Crib Set This bedding set comes with everything you need for your little boy’s nursery. It comes with window valances, a toy bag, a diaper stacker, pillows, crib skirt, a quilt, the bumper, and a fitted sheet. All items are made using 100% cotton material. The colors in it are various greens, brown, and white and it features a cute little frog, which we all know little boys love. Most parents state that the material is very soft and the colors do not fade after washing. Read More Here⇒

Little Bedding Crib Set for Boys

Little Bedding Baby Boy SetIf you are a parent who would prefer monkeys over frogs, you may want to give this bedding set by NoJo a chance to impress you. It is a 10 piece nursery set that includes a comforter, two sheets, a dust ruffle, a diaper stacker, the mobile, a birth certificate, wall decals and a wall hanging. All pieces feature three little monkeys doing what little boys do the best, playing. However, the little monkeys are also great for use in a little girl’s nursery according to most parents and grandparents, even though the blue and brown colors do hint at more of a boy’s style. Read Parent Reviews⇒

Bedtime Originals Sail Away 3 Piece Bedding Set

Bedtime Original Cute Baby Boy Crib SetParents who want their little boy’s room to show that there is a bouncing baby boy around will love the nautical theme of the “Sail Away” set. With it, you get a comforter that features sail boats, light houses, sailor suits and more. You also get two fitted crib sheets, one has sailboats, anchors, and other designs, and the second is stripes that nicely contrast with the comforter. It is all made with a 40% polyester and 60% cotton blend. Many parents love this set because it is affordable and because it does not have a bumper pad. There are many parents who use the comforter as a wall hanging rather than have it in the crib with their little man. Read More Here⇒

American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Chenille Crib Sheet

Fitted Crib Sheet For BoysIf you are simply looking for boy crib sheets you may enjoy having a sheet like this. It promises to be velvety soft thanks to the fact it is made of 100% polyester. It is designed to fit snugly on most all standard crib mattresses, especially because it has 9” deep pockets that are completely wrapped with elastic. It is ideal for homes that may stay a little cool in the winter according to most parents. Read More Here⇒

Best Baby High Chairs

When it comes time for little mess makers to start eating on their own, life can take on a whole new disaster. Babies are not known for eating nicely. They tend to throw foods, slobber on cookies, and spill drinks. Life becomes a big ole mess for you to clean up. The good news is, you do not have to simply deal with it, but first you must find a good high chair. You simply have to do a little research and discover which one is the best baby high chair for your little one.

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What Makes the Best Baby High Chair?

When it comes to the best baby high chair for 2016, you have a lot of choices. There are a huge variety of chairs available. Options include  standard high chairs, high end chairs, portable high chairs, and more. You have to decide what features will matter most. Do you want a high chair that can change as your child grows? Do you want a removable tray or would you prefer to have your child sit at the table with you? Will you enjoy knowing he has a lot of padding under his bottom or do you feel that comfort is less important than portability? Do you want your child to be strapped in using a five point harness or a three point harness? More straps are important for many parents because of the added safety of the high chair.

Features of a Great High Chair

All of the features of high chairs are important, but many parents wonder if they really need to spend a lot of money on one. Often, the answer is, “No”, unless you want a chair that features extra padding, added safety straps, wheels, and other features. If you travel to visit family often or go out to eat, you may want to consider having a travel friendly high chair. The travel high chair is one that attaches to a table instead of being free standing. This can help you out if you have only a little space to haul all of the necessary baby items.
To give you a better idea of what is available, why not check out the reviews below? They are all very popular and loaded with features that make parents, and most kids, happy about eating solids.

Our Most Favorite High Chairs

There are a lot of high chairs available. In order to help you figure out the best one for your child, we have a few of our most favorites listed. We hope this helps you to find the perfect one for your home.

Peg Perego Siesta

Peg Perego High ChairWith the Peg Perego high chair, you will first notice the price. It is one of the more expensive options available. However, for many parents it is worth it. This high chair has five reclining seat positions to keep your little one comfortable. It can even fully recline so that when your child is eating and falls asleep, they can nap comfortably. There are also nine different heights for the chair, which means it can be adjusted to fit your table or allows you to sit on the couch and feed your child lunch. The wheels make it easily movable from one area to the next and it self-locks into position so that you do not have to fiddle with the wheels. It folds easily for traveling as well. Read More Here⇒

Babybjorn High Chair

BabyBjorn High ChairThis makes a great travel high chair because of the way it folds up to be virtually flat. It has a tray that is both foldable and lockable. It is also easy to clean because the surface is smooth and detachable. The backrest is designed to hug your growing child’s back. This is a feature that will encourage them to sit upright in the proper position. The only downside to it is that it does not have a lot of padding, but it does have a safety harness to keep your child sitting safely. Read More Here⇒

Graco Blossom 4-in-1

Graco Blossom High ChairThis is perhaps one of the least baby portable high chairs, but what it lacks in portability, it makes up for in features. It offers 6 height positions and 3 reclining positions. As your child grows, the seat will as well. It starts out as a high chair, but then can be used as a toddler booster. When you are using it as a toddler booster, you also have the option to use the separate youth chair if you have two small children to feed. A removable tray, seat cover, and back insert makes it easy to clean. You can even toss the tray into your dishwasher. Read More Here⇒

Ciao! Baby

Ciao Baby high ChairThis portable high chair is perhaps the most popular cheap high chair. It is a high chair that does not really look like a high chair. It weighs only 8 pounds and comes with its own carrying bag for when life takes you away from home. There is no assembly to it. When you purchase it, you have only to open the box and use it. It has a lap strap to keep little wigglers in place and it is easy to clean, even though you cannot take it apart. Read More Here⇒

Best Nursery Rockers & Gliders

Most everyone knows babies are often soothed by rhythmic movement. That is why throughout history, most parents kept a rocking chair in the nursery. If their little one was fussy, they could sit with them in the magic chair and rock them to sleep. Now, though, it seems there is a new type of chair that people want to use in the nursery. Glider chairs are not a new concept, but they are new to nurseries. If you would like to ditch the rocking chair and move on to something more modern, here is where you will find the best nursery glider.

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What is a Nursery Glider?

A nursery glider is a chair or recliner that parents can sit in. It glides back and forth as they rock their little one. In many cases, there is also an ottoman for parents to rest their feet on and sometimes it will also glide along with the chair. The base of this chair is stationary so that only the seat moves. This means you will not have to worry about your chair walking across the floor while you rock a crying infant. As an added bonus, they are also padded, like a regular couch or chair, so that you do not get a sore back when you sit in it for long periods of time.

Why Mom’s Prefer A Nursery Rocker or Glider?

In the past, mom’s everywhere wanted a nursery rocker, a rocking chair that they could sit in during those long nights when their baby didn’t want to sleep. Now, a lot more parents are considering finding nursery gliders for sale because they want more comfort than a rocking chair could ever provide. They want the padding and a full sized chair to relax in while soothing their infant. They want a more comfortable place to enjoy story time with their toddler sitting on their lap.

Is One Nursery Glider Better Than Others?

The biggest reason one parent may choose one nursery glider-recliner over another is whether it has a lock on it or not. The reason for this is because where a rocking chair has just a rounded base that rocks, the glider may have metal pieces that enable it to rock without moving the chair base. Some parents do worry about whether their child will one day get their fingers pinched. However, other parents realize that the pinch can also come from a child who is trying to pull up on a standard rocking chair.

Perhaps one of the best ways to decide what makes one great over another is discovering what options are available with these nursery chairs. This will point out some of their major differences and give you an idea of what you personally would enjoy having in your nursery.

Top 5 Nursery Rockers & Gliders

Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set

Stork Craft Nursery GliderThis nursery glider and ottoman is espresso and beige in color. It has padded arm cushions, back and seat area. It also has a pocket for you to store your most favorite book, a burp rag, or your little one’s favorite toy. It does have metal enclosed ball bearings which enable it to glide smoothly. The cushions are hand washable only, but you can use any normal upholstery cleaner on it. There is a one-year limited manufacturers’ warranty and it is JPMA certified. The back of this glider is more rounded than other Stork Craft gliders so you will have to decide which style you want. Read More on the Stork Craft⇒

Tuscany Glider & Ottoman

Stork Craft Tuscany Nursery GliderThis glider has a generous seat to ensure your comfort. You can spot clean the upholstery. It has a pocket for you to put any items that may make your nights a little less frustrating. It uses enclosed ball bearings that are made of metal to ensure a smooth gliding motion. There is some assembly required and there are a few colors for you to choose from. This does have a higher square back than most other nursery gliders, which many parents feel is more comfortable. Read More On The Tuscany Glider Here⇒

Status Roma Glider & Nursing Ottoman

Status Roma Nursery Rocker Glider This is the ideal glider for nursing moms because of the ottoman which has a slide out nursing stool to make you more comfortable. It is made purely of wood and wood products with the exception of the metal, enclosed ball bearings and the polyester filled microfiber blended fabric pads. There are several color choices available so that you can make sure it fits the mood of your nursery. Check The Color Schemes Here⇒

Naomi Home Deluxe Multiposition Sleigh Glider & Ottoman

Naomi Home Nursery Glider Review This glider is may not look like it is designed for nurseries but its upscale look should not deter you from considering it as the perfect nursery glider. It has padded arms with storage areas a padded ottoman. It has a multi-purpose brake system so that when it is not in use, you can lock it into a stationary position. It uses steel ball bearings to provide a smooth motion glide. This glider is a classy look which is sure to add more chic character to any nursery. Read More On The Naomi Home Here⇒

Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider

Madison Swivel GliderThis chair is 100% micro-suede making it waterproof and stain resistant. It has a metal base, and it does not have the ottoman. However, it does provide you with a smooth, effortless gliding motion and gives you the option to spin your chair around without ever getting up. There are 3 color choices available. It has a one year warranty on it. This glider is fully wrapped in padding to provide comfort. The only downside is that it does have a weight limit of 300 pounds and there are some people who say it rocks more than it glides. Read More On The Madison Swivel Glider⇒

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