SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper Review

Co-sleeping is something that many new parents embrace, but it should be done with safety in mind. For that reason, you can choose an infant sleeper that protects infants from the potential dangers that may come along with co-sleeping. For instance, with a SwaddleMe sleeper, you can feel confident in knowing that you nor your partner will roll toward your new bundle of joy, that they have a firm sleeping surface, and you will be able to check on them throughout the night, without having to get out of bed. The SwaddleMe Sleeper is one of Amazon's top choices for "co-sleepers for baby". Let's dive into what makes this so popular!

SwaddleMe CoSleeper

Features of the SwaddleMe Sleeper

This co-sleeper is made of 100% polyester. However, you do not have to worry about your little one getting too warm in it. It has mesh sides to ensure that air circulates around them to keep them comfortable. The mesh also gives you a clear view of your little dreamer without sitting, or getting up.


It has a sturdy metal frame to ensure that it will hold its shape. It does fold flat for travel or when you need to store it.

It comes with a mattress pad and a fitted sheet. You can easily wash the sheet as you normally would wash your little one’s clothes. The rest of it can be washed down with a gentle soap and a wash cloth if needed.

The SwaddleMe By Your Side sleeper is safe to use for all newborns. Your little one can sleep in it from birth until they are three months old and able to roll or push up on their own.

This sleeper is available in three different styles. You can choose from the original co-sleeper, the deluxe, or a bassinet. The Deluxe adds in vibrations, nature sounds, and a nightlight. The bassinet is not designed for co-sleeping, but does allow you to have your infant close to you during the night. With all the features, the original is still the most popular and it shows in their “Bestseller” ranking.

Why Parents Love the SwaddleMe

With an average rating of 4.3-stars and over 1,700 ratings, it is easy to see that most parents love using it. They have used it for colic and helping their little one sleep through the night. Parents love it because it helps to make them feel better knowing that their infant is always nearby. Many new parents use it as a portable baby bed during the daytime as well because it can go from the bed to the living room and everywhere else. It is simply a safe place for sleeping infants and they feel it is perfect.

However, as perfect as it is; there are some who say it is not the ideal solution for them. There are parents who say that it takes up too much room in their queen-sized bed. Others say that it is too small to hold an infant who enjoys stretching out. Others say that it is just right in size, but not perfect on a softer bed. The truth is, it may not work for everyone, but it seems to work well for most families. There are also people who talk about a strange odor, like chemicals, when it first arrives. This is not a major problem because it does air out easily and you can wash it down with soap and water to ensure you get the rest.

Our Opinion of the SwaddleMe Co-Sleeper

We love this co-sleeper, as do most reviewers, as it enables you to watch over them at night with ease. It increases the bond that you and your little one have because they will know that you are right there with them. We do understand that sleeping on a smaller bed with this infant sleeper may not be ideal for everyone, but in most cases; the added safety is well worth giving it a try. We like the solid frame. It does mean that nursing moms will have to hold their baby while breastfeeding. This also encourages the strongest bond possible. We personally cannot say anything wrong about this sleeper.