Round Baby Cribs for Sale

A crib or a bassinet is a beautiful piece of furniture, but some people want something more than lace or wood. They want to create a space that is fit for a little prince or princess. This is why there are now round cribs available and most parents love having them in their nursery. You may want to consider checking out round baby cribs for sale.

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Round Cribs Comparison Chart

BB EleganceSophia WhiteStokke Sleepi
Round Baby Crib Old Fashion StyleSophia Posh Round CribStokke Sleepi Crib
Budget-Friendly**Most Popular**Most Expensive


Weight: 32lbs.

Rating: 4.0


More color options


Weight: 65lbs.

Rating: 4.5


More color options


Weight: 50lbs.

Rating: 3.5


More color options




Why Use a Round Baby Crib?

Round cribs are smaller than the standard rectangle style cribs. This makes them ideal for putting in a parent’s room where space may be limited and nurseries that may feel cluttered by a huge crib. They are also usable if you want to create a unique princess style room. These cribs are portable and can be used anywhere to keep your baby close by. However, some do not fit through doorways when fully put together. Therefore, you are somewhat limited in terms of portability depending on the crib of your choice.

Are Round Cribs Safe?

Round cribs were once considered very expensive by most families. They are unique and unique often means pricey. Now it is possible to purchase round baby cribs cheap, so many parents feel that they may not be safe. The truth is, as long as you pay attention to the weight and age limit on the crib, you will be putting your little one into a crib that is extremely safe and comfortable.

Why Some Parents Choose Round Cribs

For parents who want their little girl to feel like a princess when she is in her bassinet, these cribs are ideal because most of them offer a canopy cover that looks as cute as your new baby. It is a crib style that looks more old-fashioned than modern, which suits the princess or prince theme better than all other cribs. To help you gain a better understanding of what is available, its price, and other things, you should check out our reviews for our most favorite round crib sets.

Top Round Crib Picks

Badger Basket Elegance Bassinet

Round Baby Crib Old Fashion Style

This beautiful bassinet features the black Toile pattern. The bedding itself is made with a polyester/cotton blend of materials. The set ties to your round crib to make it look even more feminine and perfect for your little princess. The canopy on top accents the overall feel perfect and it is priced very affordably at around $140.

Sophia Posh Circular Crib

Sophia Posh Round Crib

This is a white crib that will cost you just under $400. It is made using solid wood and provides you with 4 mattress height positions. This crib can be used safely by a child until they reach 40 pounds and meets all US safety standards to prove it.

Badger Basket Elite Oval Bassinet

Badger Basket Elite

This beautiful bassinet is ideal for both the young prince and the beautiful princess. It includes everything you need to set it up including the bedding and bassinet. Behind the skirt, there is also a storage shelf for you to put the necessities. It does have wheels so you can move it from room to room. The color is espresso wood and ecru on the waffle bedding.

Baby Doll Carnation Crib Bedding Set

Carnation Eyelet

If you want a white crib set that features a canopy for your princess, you may love the carnation eyelet set. The crib itself is dark brown wood. All fabric on it is white. It is a bedding set that is made in the USA and comes with everything you need for a price of roughly $265.

Sophia Posh Natural

Sophia Posh

This circular crib is ideal for a little princess. You can choose from natural or cherry in color. It does have a canopy and a non-drop side rail. However, even though the sides do not come down, it is still going to be easy for you to put your little one in and get them out since it has a 4-position mattress platform. The mattress is sold separately, but it does come with all required tools for assembly.

Baby Doll Bedding Sensation

Baby Doll Round Baby Crib Bedding

This round crib is very sleek in design. It is black with gold accents, which makes it great for a prince/princess. The crib has a drop-down side to make picking up your little one easier. Everything is USA made.

Stokke Sleepi Crib

Stokke Sleepi Crib

This crib is oval in shape. It is available in white, natural, or cherry. It is a convertible crib that can be used from birth through age 10. It is small enough to fit through the average doorway and has four height adjustments. This crib is made of solid Beechwood to ensure you have a crib that will last through the years.

Dream On Me 5” Round Crib Mattress

Dream On Me Round Crib Mattress

If you have the frame, you may need to purchase a new round crib mattress. This mattress is affordably priced around $75. It is safe for baby and meets all safety requirements. This does include the fact that it is flame resistant and free of lead or other toxic chemicals.