Best Nursing Covers & Scarves

Breastfeeding Cover UpNursing mom’s face a lot of challenges. Not only must they deal with a doctor advising them that they should ignore the pain in their breasts, but they must also deal with people looking at them strangely if they are caught nursing. It is a constant issue and it forces women who choose to nurse to either do so in the privacy of their home or cover up. For the brave women who choose to do what is best for their baby, we have the best nursing covers and scarves available for you to consider.

What Are Nursing Covers?

Have you ever been in a situation where your baby wanted to nurse, but you felt slightly uncomfortable about pulling your breast out to feed them? Nursing covers are designed to make it less stressful for you by giving you more privacy than a shirt draped over your infant. Some of them are scarfs that enable you to wear it as an accessory, but use it for its intended purpose when the need arises. This will ensure that both you and your little nurser are more comfortable.

Why Nursing Covers Are Necessary

Mom Cover Up For BreastfeedingBreastfeeding is a natural part of the bond between mom and baby. A baby can get nutrients from you that they cannot get from formula.Because of the fact that some people get uncomfortable around mom’s who have their baby nursing, it is best if you are willing to cover yourself. It is something that drives many nursing mom’s nuts, but the truth is, covering up with a nursing cover scarf is not that difficult to do. Most moms prefer to keep their breasts hidden anyway.

Choose the Best Nursing Cover Up

When choosing breastfeeding cover-ups, comfort and usability are a primary concern. It is easier to cover up with a designated cloth over a shirt according to most moms. That is why we have listed the top cover-ups and shawls here for you to consider. We all know that “breast is best,” but there is no reason to keep everyone you are near uneasy in a public setting.

Udder Covers Breast Feeding Nursing Cover

Udder Covers Beastfeeding Cover UpThis is one of the most popular cover-ups available. It has a 4.1-star rating after more than 1,400 reviews. This is because it is breathable and has stainless steel, adjustable D-rings to fit comfortably around your neck and prevent baby from tossing it off. You can stay covered at all times, while maintaining eye contact with your infant. It is the best of both worlds. Check Udder Cover Pricing here⇒

Kiddo Care Nursing Cover

Kiddo Care Nursing ShawlThis nursing shawl is not see through, but it is nice enough looking that it seems to be more similar to a fashion accessory than a cover up. You can also wear it as a blouse, halter top, baby carrier cover, and more. If for some reason you aren’t happy with your purchase, you can return it within 90 days for a refund. Check Infinity Nursing Scarf Pricing here⇒

Itzy Ritzy Nursing Happens Infinity Scarf

Itzy Ritzy Nursing CoverThis chevron colored scarf is made of a cotton/polyester jersey knit blend in the USA. It is ideal for everyday use, but also great as a cover up when nursing. You can easily maintain eye contact with your little while staying completely covered. Current Itzy Ritzy Pricing here⇒

IntiMom Hooter Hider

Wide Hooter HiderThis cotton cover-up ensures that both you and the people around you are comfortable when you are nursing your infant. This is also good for your baby because they do not feel stressed by the tension around them. It is breathable to keep you both comfortable, even on hot days, and it looks great as well. Check IntiMom Cover Up Pricing here⇒